Jan 1, 2022
🗓 January 1st, 2022
It’s been nearly 2 weeks since I got sick and had to be out of work for a month. Turns out, being away from codes for a month gave me a massive different perspective on work. I’ve always been enjoyed writing codes and trying new tech stuff. But being ‘away’, gave me new senses when I open my laptop.
The first feeling that I have is anxiety. At first, I think this is a negative feeling. I was afraid to open nvim and navigate through codes. I was afraid to read technical documents. I was afraid of the feeling that I can’t keep up with new technologies, since the tech world moves really fast. I had a feeling that I’ll be not good enough for my co-worker to do my part in the team. But at the end of the day, those feelings make me want to take the extra mile. I need to learn more to be at the level I wanted to.
The anxiety and insecurities then turn into excitement. I tried to learn how I can achieve more and learn more. I also take the courage to learn the topics that have been on my radar: CLI development and language development (related interpreter and compiler).
At the moment, I’m transitioning from a frontend as a product engineer to a frontend as a platform engineer. I’m so grateful for the chance that was given to me. It also means I have more time to experiment with new things that may affect my co-workers’ productivity.
I hope the feelings I had before and the new role that was given to me will make a good impact on my career. I also hope that I can give a good developer experience to my co-workers.
Cheers! ✌️💻