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Linkedin: dskusuma
Github: dskusuma

Working Experiences


💼 Frontend Engineer
⏱ March 2020 - Present
  • Became one of the initial team in Ruangkelas app development using ReasonML and ReasonReact. Successfuly launched the project in around 1.5 month, before the starting of academic year
  • Developed Ruangkelas for Teacher and Ruangkelas for Student classroom, assignments, learning materials, scoring, attendance, chatroom, and student’s score analysis features. Resulting in a rich-features and complete learning management system that helps ‘replacing’ school and learning activities.
  • Involved in the brainstorming and screening phase of features development to make sure that the developed features are making the online learning easy and possible. Carefully and constantly challenge the user experience of the Ruangkelas app to bring the best of online learning.


💼 Part-time Frontend Engineer (Mobile)
⏱ May 2021 - December 2021
  • Involved in the initiation of the CFund mobile app development using Flutter. Helped translate the business requirement and mockup into visually pleasing and easy to use UI.
  • Initiate the UI Library development for well-documented and easy to use UI Library which resulting in a great developer experience and consistent UI.
  • Help the integration from Flutter to GraphQL and Hasura API.
  • Improve the application translation workflow by creating internal CLI that will automatically generate translation for Flutter app based on Google Spreadsheet.


💼 Frontend Developer
⏱ July 2018 - March 2020
  • Developed crypto exchange webapp and mobile app. Along with senior developers, create and maintain deployment for webapp and mobile app (Android).
  • On mobile app development, took a major role on developing the app using React Native framework. Initiated the isolated UI/component development and component library / documentation. Manage and refactor the app for cleaner code, better documentation and performance. Manual testing and initiated basic automated testing for the app. Initiate the use of crash reporting and app manager.
  • On web app development, help the senior developer on maintain and developing the app using React JS.